January 29, 2012

Crazy tsukesage?

Tsukesage komon? Or a dance kimono? Whatever this is, I just had to have it! It just seemed too fabulous to pass up. So of course I bid on it (and won) despite the moratorium on new kimono for 2012! It hasn't arrived yet... maybe in about a week it will show up.
I love, love, love the funky pattern! It looks like a sky filled with confetti and ticker-tape with some majorly awesome Dr. Seuss-style trees and awning stripes thrown in for good measure. Definitely a party-worthy kimono. I'll try to figure out a way to wear it in the next few months and post some photos. Not sure what kind of obi to pair this one with...maybe I already have something that will work.

Speaking of wearing kimono, some Japanese and pan-Asian events are coming up very soon in my state: Phoenix Matsuri (February 25-26th) and the Taste of Asia Festival in Tucson. I think our festival is in April. When I know more, I will post times and dates.


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