February 3, 2014

Ocean Waves and Faux Batik Komon

Two new komon kimono: orange and white seigaiha pattern and a off-white and navy with a pattern that looks like batik.

More shibori print on the back of a sleeve
The seigaiha pattern translates as "blue ocean waves" and these waves are calm and go on forever, signifying good fortune. The orange on white pattern looks fresh and clean and reminds me of orange Popsicles in the summer! This kimono is very nice polyester (washable) and looks brand new. There are some cloud-shaped patches of shibori print, and if you look carefully, grass with dew (tsuyu-kusa); the orange clouds are evenly spaced on the kimono. This added design adds some brighter color to an otherwise plain kimono. This pattern is geometric, so it is considered seasonless. The clean and clear colors make me think of summer but more likely is late spring or late summer season because it's fully lined.
I can see this kimono paired with a Nagoya obi, maybe in vibrant ocean blue or aqua green with seasonal flowers or other motif, and yellow and sky blue accessories.
"Shibori" print detail
Front and back of the kimono
This next kimono is a bit ordinary looking and not quite as festive as the above kimono, but it is hitoe, or unlined! The fabric seems to be a very light wool blend. It has a slightly fuzzy, almost itchy feel to it. It has a panel inside the center back, which I assume is to protect the modesty of the wearer when kneeling. I have a yukata with this same patch. It's actually called "ishikiate" and is to reinforce the area on the dress since this area takes the most wear.
It's mainly cream and navy blue with a few touches of red and yellow. Definitely an every day kimono that can be worn in the late spring through summer but why not dress it up with a vibrant red obi with butterflies or bush clover? Make the ordinary fun and fashionable. 
Have a great week,
Diamond pattern looks like faux batik

Komon kimono, front and back. Note the light-weight fabric
"modesty panel"

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