October 7, 2013

Kimono-wearing event: taiko at The Rogue Theater

I saw Odaiko Sonora at The Rogue Theater Saturday night. It was a wonderful show and a really nice venue for taiko though it was a small theater
It is now the kimono-wearing "season" where I live, so I took advantage! I wore the new striped hitoe (unlined) kimono I bought this summer with a tsuke (pre-tied or easy obi), and a new obijime. The stripes are considered a multi-season motif but the colors look like autumn to me, so I paired the casual kimono with an golden tachibana (a type of citrus) for a little bit more formality and to play up the autumn theme. The autumn colors were continued with the multi-colored obijime and red obiage.

Here is a refresher image of the kimono fabric and kitsuke bits, including the sample fabric juban (under kimono).

I chose the hitoe kimono since I was still kind of warm during the day (90 F today!) but much cooler at night with just a twinge of fall chill in the air. I posed for photos just as the sun was going down, hence the subdued colors.

Trying to look cool with my sleeves folded over as the wind was trying to blow my kimono open

Naughty naughty juban!
Shortly after this photo, I decided to change from plain white tabi to fun tabi sox! I didn't get a full-length photo since it had already gotten too dark and I need to get going to the show. The sox matched perfectly and were really fun to wear. A nice alternative to formal tabi with the right outfit. 

Image is supposed to be a geisha but it looks like an oiran to me!

It was a great outfit to wear; the hitoe kimono was very comfortable and I really love this kimono. The stripes give it a very crisp look and looks little more modern. The tsuke obi felt a bit weird since this was the first time I'd worn a pre-tied obi! But it was really easy to wear. However, for this style, you still need the obiage, makura, and obijime just like when you wear a regular Nagoya obi. 
The next kimono-wearing event is October 19th in Phoenix. Stay tuned until then!

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