October 30, 2013

It's All Souls Procession Weekend!

If you follow this blog, you will know that the first Sunday in November is the famous Tucson All Souls Procession. Odaiko Sonora, my taiko group, always participates with a large group of dancers at the front of the procession and we perform "Tucson Ondo", our own Bon Odori/Day of the Dead folk dance. We wear Japanese-inspired costumes such as happi, yukata, etc. I always wear a kimono or yukata.
This year's color is red, which for kimono junkies, is a very easy color to work with. Here what I'm wearing this Sunday- basically a pattern on pattern red and white ensemble!
This kimono with a different red obi. 
Probably this juban since it's my current favorite and has quite a bit of red in it. 
Obi detail
This red/multi hakata obi

Possibly this obijime because you can't have enough stripes!
I'd like to wear these casual zori with red tabi sox but I might have to wear jika tabi or tennis shoes since I'll be on my feet for so long.
If it's really, really cold, I can add this jaunty ama coat!
The rest of the taiko crew will be looking like this, wearing festive red happi. (BTW, I'm on the far left with the odaiko bachi in my hand).

There will be lots of photos to share, so I will be sure to share after Sunday.

Happy Halloween and have a great weekend.

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