September 11, 2011

New Yukata Store in Tokyo selling online

I found this online store by accident today. It appears to be new this year. Right now, they have yukata only, no accessories or anything else, so it is pretty bare-bones.
The nice thing is they have quite a selection of about 25 designs, all "one size" and the prints are pretty with lots of cute florals. Some designs even have glitter! These are some seriously girly yukata! I'm hoping they add some geometric designs to their selections in the near future.

Here's why I'm going to seriously consider this seller next time I am looking for a new yukata for myself or for a friend:
  • An obi of your color choice comes with the yukata and it's not pre-tied
  • They ship free to most countries, including the United States and Canada!
  • Sold through Amazon and accept PayPal
  • All of these yukata are $74.95- an excellent price if you consider the free obi and free shipping

Of course, you should also need a couple of  koshihimo, a hadajuban and susoyoke (Or slip and camisole), and geta to complete your outfit. This would be a great place to buy if you are a kimono newbie: a gorgeous, washable yukata and obi with no mysterious shipping price headaches you sometimes get buying from other online sellers on eBay.

This one is my favorite and looks most modern; I love the bold red flowers. They appear to be peonies. The blue-grey leaves in this design add some sophistication to the color scheme. I would probably choose the red and black obi though- the light pink one is a bit predicable.

Ideally, I would probably combine it with something bold and geometric, like grey and black checks or something with a bit of a goth vibe to it. Maybe something like this would be fun:

Or you could overlay that plain pink obi with black lace....add a shiny red vinyl obijime and a cool obidome and you'd look pretty amazing! Now that is seriously stylin'.


  1. Ohh, this store even ships free to Germany <3
    I'll probably try it out for my next yukata, the designs look so lovely.

  2. How awesome is that? :) The designs are really cute ....please let me know how the quality and customer service is if you do order. I'm crossing my fingers that this company will be a wonderful resource.