September 14, 2011

More pretties...Hawk feather mon yukata p. 2

I posted a pic of it in the "All Souls Procession costume" posting a couple of days hasn't arrived yet, so I will give you all a sneak preview.
It's a very traditional, indigo and white yukata. I consider these traditional patterns and colors a bit like the "little black dress" of the yukata world. Kind of like your favorite pair of blue jeans; an indigo-dyed cotton yukata can be paired with almost any color hanhaba (half-width) or yukata obi, most any pair of geta and kinchaku (a casual drawstring purse) handbag. It's ready for Matsuri! It's also the perfect choice for the kimono newbie because of the ease in coordination.

These photos are from the seller and shows the detail of the crossed hawk feathers in the circle, surrounded by wavy lines:

I think the design of this one is fabulous... it's very graphic and the lines seem to give the whole garment lot of movement. It's almost masculine looking in it's simplicity. I can't wait to see it and try it on.
 More pretties soon!

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