July 10, 2011

Update on the costume for Archipelago

Remember the posts about the white hangasa and shiromoku? This is an update on the costume I created for performance artist Denise Uyehara. She did a performance of her piece-Archipelago: Islands of Land, Water and Legend in LA at the National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival recently.
Here is a link to some video shorts, a promo for the festival, etc. It's unfortunate that I was unable to see the performance in person, but she will be performing the piece again.
Promo picture for Archipelago

Photos were taken by professional photographer Kevin Mapp during a rehearsal. The photos must be purchased from the photographer in order for me to post them to my blog and I'm still viewing all of them to see which ones I like the best! Archipelago will be performed again in it's entirety in California and Tucson in the future.
This week, Denise and I are getting to getting together discus and do a preliminary fitting for phase 2 of the costume- a custom haori-style jacket with very long sleeves.  
More soon!

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