July 24, 2011

Blue Sample Fabric Juban

I received a cute mihon or sample pattern juban, all in shades of blue. The silk fabric shows a textile manufacturer's many patterns and colors on one bolt of fabric; so this is not a patchwork, it's made from one bolt.
For kimono-newbies, a juban is an under-kimono, basically underwear, worn under a kimono just like a full slip is worn under a western-style dress. Mihon juban are always more expensive than regular solid color juban of the same era. This one is probably mid-Showa. New juban are usually fairly plain and in pastel colors, so this will be fun to coordinate with various kimono.
I love all of the various motifs, so I made a kind of grid showing most of the different designs and fabrics. Images range from water, grasses, wheels, fruit, flowers, fans, and a few I do not recognize! I will post them separately in the motif gallery as I figure out what they are.

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