October 17, 2010

New turquoise yukata at TMY

As promised, I'm finally posting photos of me in my new turquoise yukata I bought in Boulder, CO!
I was at Tucson Meet Yourself last weekend, an annual international festival. It draws tons of people downtown, and features three stages of entertainment as well as amazing food and arts and crafts from all over the world.
My taiko group played in the afternoon, but in the morning I got to wear my new yukata and work the booth selling taiko t-shirts. It was a  gorgeous day in Tucson as well- perfect weather, sunny, and about 80 F with a light breeze. Yukata weather has finally arrived to Arizona!!

So here it is, my favorite yukata. I have paired it with a lovely navy blue cotton hanhaba obi and a nice wide hot pink silk obijime. I'm also wearing one of my homemade han eri collars (Decorative collar that goes under the yukata or kimono, you see just a bit of it peeking out) this one is hot pink with white polka dots. For footwear, I have on colorful flower print geta with pale pink bunny tabi sox!

My sleeves seem to be bunched up a bit, probably from riding in the car on the way to the event. So they look a bit shorter than they should....this yukata actually fits me pretty well in the wingspan.

Below is a close-up of the totally kawaii geta and tabi sox:
Stay tuned for more photos because next weekend is Otsukimi, the moon viewing festival in Phoenix! I will be wearing my purple Taishō meisen with my new hawk nagoya obi. I will also be dressing two friends in yukata. We will take photos, I promise!

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