October 3, 2010

Kimono coat on eBay

Just a quick post since I'm super busy lately with my new job, taiko, art shows and even a couple of kimono-wearing events in October! (Photos soon, one is next weekend.)

Even though it's Sunday, I need to do some house cleaning, put together a new file cabinet (Which I should have bought at IKEA since the instruction booklet is horribly complicated!), work for a few hours, go to the grocery store, etc. Not much time to relax, but I slept in (Yay!) since I had a taiko gig last night with some Afro-Brazilian dancing thrown in for good measure. Afterward, there was an excursion to a local bar where my taiko group did a very short,  impromptu "seance" with two votives , a bunch of water glasses, and some salt and pepper shakers. It was a long, fun day!

Ok, back to kimono stuff. I wanted to share my latest eBay find: It was listed as a haori, but of course it's not. This is a michiyuki and it's synthetic and pretty long, so it's actually a coat you can wear over kimono on rainy and cold days. (Not many of those where I live!) I wanted to bid on it because I love the red-black plaid, the cute lining and the fact that it has a 53.1" wing-span. And it was $5 plus shipping since no one else bid on it, so $18 total. I haven't received it yet, so these are the photos posted by the seller.  I looks pretty cute, but I will know for sure when I see it in person!!

When to wear it? Maybe in December or January, when it sometimes gets cold here. I could also wear this over western clothing. It would probably be pretty darn cute.

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  1. I LOVE this! It really looks like you! Don't forget about the reception at Toscana next Saturday. I am bringing some yummy appetizers.
    Now go check my blog!