December 24, 2019

Is This a Kimono?? The Search is on!

A follow-up to my post I did a few years ago, What Not To Wear, I occasionally search for kimono online out of curiosity to see what shows up. 

Try it- type in "Kimono" into you web browser (I'm using Duck Duck Go) and you will be presented with a plethora of kimono- but not all of them are really kimono. Below is an edited screen shot- my monitor is huge, so I have to chop it up a bit to make it fit, but you get the idea.

Some fakes or kimono-style jackets are difficult to spot, but if you click on an image and you end up on TopShop's website where they are selling something like this, then you know it isn't Japanese clothing. Unless you are looking for a cute, long embroidered jacket! 

Enjoy the search.
Arigato and Merry Christmas,

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