June 4, 2019

Shidara Concert Kitsuke

Hello kimono enthusiasts!
I was fortunate enough to see Shidara again (This is the 3rd time!) in concert this year- they had a very short 3-city tour in the USA and my taiko group was one of the show producers, so they came to Arizona! If you have not heard of Shidara and you love taiko, please check them out on YouTube- they are the best taiko group in the world right now. You probably know those other big name groups, and this group is absolutely stunning- they play with heart, mind and soul- truly dedicated to their art form.

For this momentous event, of course I had to wear kimono! Since It's already warming up here, I decided to wear hitoe (unlined kimono) before May 20th- and the kimono I'm wearing is actually summer kimono, so it's a little bit sheer. It was supposed to be hot that day when I planned the outfit but luckily, it was a perfect spring day, barely 80 F in the afternoon and cloudy, so I was comfortable in my sha Nagoya obi featuring hagi (bush clover) and fuji (wisteria). The kimono might be hemp but I'm not entirely sure. It has a nubby weave almost like a coarse tsumugi.
After the show, some Phoenix friends and I went to a hip downtown restaurant called Penca and we had food and lovely cocktails. These photos were taken on the sidewalk out front.

I had left my handbag in the restaurant while we
were taking photos, and I didn't want to leave it out! It's
a vintage one I found in LA years ago.  

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