December 26, 2018

It's a Real Live Kimono Meet Up!

Arigato kimono kitsuke friends!
I recently organized a kimono meet up with a few new friends last weekend. Two of us are seasoned kimono enthusiasts, and two are newbies, so we each took over dressing a newbie and then met for lunch at a local Japanese eatery.  Afterward we had planned to go to the Japanese garden; sadly, we got started late and it was closing by the time we got there so we took some fun photos at a nearby park before the sun went down.
We had so much fun we are planning another kimono meet up in late January or February. Right now, I'm playing it by ear to see how many people are interested. If there are enough, I will create an official Meet-Up online. If you love dressing in kimono with like-minded fashionistas, contact me and I'll send you an invite to our next gig!

A selfie in my striped ensemble! 
Check out the new yellow and white obiage!

Four tabi-clad feet and all in blue!

J looks super kawaii in a fabulous yukata styled by S. 

S created this lovely hairstyle for J.

I dressed this friend in my new Chikuzen
Hakata obi and old favorite orchid komon. 

A yellow and navy haori is the perfect accessory!

S looks lovely in an asanoha (Hemp leaf)
komon she found in Japan.

I'm showing off the blue juban when (almost!)
no one was looking!
Striped kimono, obiage, and obijime with a
vintage obi featuring swallows.
What a glow from that sunset!
A beautiful sunset to round out the afternoon!

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