March 10, 2018

Yamato Concert

I went to see Yamato dressed in kimono last weekend- amazing show! If they come near your town, you have to see this group! Unbelievable performances, beautiful costumes, and joyous taiko!

I wore my new houmongi to the event-  a semi-formal multi-season kimono with alternating patches of dark blue, navy blue and cream with either pine needles or grasses in the back ground and bunches of flowers: tsubaki (camelia), ume (plum), and kiku (chrysanthemum). The obi features a subtle pattern of bamboo woven with metallic/iridescent threads. I added a lime green chirimen obiage to add some bright contrast to the outfit.
Detail of the tsubaki motif

Detail of the ume & tsubaki motifs

Outside the concert hall with the big trees in the late afternoon sun

After the concert, the sun going down.

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