April 7, 2016

TAO Concert Ensemble- pink and black

On March 6, a big group of us went to see TAO perform at the Fox Theater in Tucson. 
The weather was supposed to be unseasonably warm, so I picked out a black sha kimono to go with my new pink ro summer fukuro obi with the gold and silver nadeshinko (dianthus). The weather turned out to be overcast and really nice- perfect kimono weather. 

I was running a little late and have never tied this obi before, so after struggling to make a double otaiko musubi, I gave up and tied a basic bunko musubi. My rule is to always practice with a new obi before wearing it but I wasn't able to this time.

The fun part was I was the only one at the whole show in kimono, so I stood out. Afterwards, I shook hands with one of the TAO members during the lobby meet and greet and he was very impressed with my outfit. Afterwards, we went to lunch at Penca and then walked around downtown for a while. The spring flowers were blooming and the weather was lovely- a perfect day in the desert. 

I bought the new pink obi at Phoenix Matsuri- in fact, I was super lucky since I found 4 summer obi. I'll post photos of them soon as well as a few photos of my weekend of taiko and yukata in Phoenix!
More photos soon,

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