November 3, 2015

Whoa- It's Already Time for All Soul's!

Hi Everyone!
It's been an interesting year- and I haven't had as much time to post. The kimono-wearing season has started in Arizona and I have missed a couple of events at Yume Japanese Gardens due to work obligations (I have a few part-time jobs now!) but one of our signature events, the All Soul's Procession, is happening on Sunday, November 8th. That's when Odaiko Sonora and friends get together and process behind the urn and do our Tucson Ondo Obon dance.
We usually wear happi coats, kimono, and yukata and there should be more than a dozen dancers. For this All Souls Procession, I'll be wearing a wool hitoe kimono I picked up at a taiko conference a few years ago. The hanhaba obi is also wool or wool-blend, cream and black and looks great with this kimono. The whole ensemble is graphic and bold and should be appropriate for this event.

This time I will be honoring our beautiful kitty, Lula, who we lost in June this year as well as remembering an old friend that passed away suddenly on St. Patrick's Day. I will be putting prayers and mementos for both into the urn along with my own thoughts and prayers regarding this past year and hopes for 2016. The urn contents burns at the end of the procession finale- a fitting ceremony that for me, symbolizes letting go of the past to make way for the future.
To view photo galleries of past All Soul's Processions, click here. 

RIP Miss Lula Kitty- seen here under a wedding kimono

Look for photos of the event after next weekend.

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