April 14, 2014

An Enchanted Evening at Yume

I was able to take some time out from a super busy schedule to go to a nice event at Yume on Friday afternoon for "An Enchanted Evening at the Gardens". It was pretty warm for April, about 90 F earlier in the day (!) so I opted for my green butterfly yukata and kimono-style accessories: obiage, two obijime, Nagoya Hakata obi, and a han eri. I wanted to wear these colors to celebrate spring and based the ensemble on my Jordan-McMillan pink and green ribbon handbag!

It was a beautiful evening for strolling in yukata, with strawberry shave ice, refreshing cold green tea that tasted reminiscent of the sea, paper lanterns, candles, soft music, and origami art displays. The koi were active and there was even a cat in the garden.

Not many people wear kimono or yukata to these events, but there were a couple of volunteers in yukata, so that was really nice to see! I figure the more I dress up for these events, the more kimono enthusiasts will eventually come out of the woodwork. Events at the garden are starting to gain momentum.
My husband took the photos of my before I went out since it became dark very quickly.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday weekend.
My obi is a little crooked and I have only one pink nagajuban sleeve showing!

New shoots on the bamboo
Yuri the cat was perfectly camouflaged on the bare soil

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