January 17, 2014

Tenegui at Kyoto Kimono

Kyoto Kimono, one of a handful of kimono dealers in the USA, now sells Raak tengui on their website and ships them directly from Japan.

 Tenegui are multi-purpose cloths used for everything from head coverings (like Americans use bandannas) to hand towels, dance props (they are a must-have at Obon and are sometimes just called "towels"), and are a must for kimono wearers!

If you wear kimono, you have to be constantly aware of your surroundings, what you brush up against or sit on, especially if you are wearing vintage.
Keep a tenegui in your handbag in case you sit down on a dusty park bench, need a napkin or towel for dirty hands. I have several with different patterns and some even have advertising or commemorate an event. I usually carry one each tenegui and furoshiki just in case.

"Dancing Cat" available at Kyoto Kimono
"Angler's Ahead" available to Kyoto Kimono


  1. Thanks for the plug, Rebecca. These have been selling well - they make great gifts but I have a few displayed on rods and they're really fun conversation starters!

    1. Great idea! These would make cute display items plus they would take up much less room than displaying an obi.