March 1, 2013

Matsuri: new stuff

Ok, I finally got around to taking photos of the new items I picked up last weekend!
First up, a silk or silk-blend hitoe (unlined) komon (a casual kimono with a small, repeating pattern) with a pattern of pine needles. I love the lovely slate blue color...very elegant and definitely a grown-up kimono. I bought it from Maruhachi. They seem to know me fairly well since I've bought items from them at every Matsuri for the last 4-5 years.
I was drawn to the kimono since it was a beautiful color and (bonus!) unlined. I thought pine was a winter pattern but maybe it is multi-seasonal since this is an unlined kimono but it is not sheer ro or sha. However, I will consult the Immortal Geisha forums about the pattern/fabric question.
Front and back; basting stitches are still intact.
Pattern detail
After I picked out the kimono, I saw this obi. They usually don't have many obi but this one screamed "buy me" since it coordinates with this kimono!

It's an opened Nagoya obi in a lovely soft olive green. You can see from the detail image that it is multi-seasonal: maple leaves (momiji) and chrysanthemums (kiku) for autumn, iris (ayame) for spring/early summer and possibly some summer grasses as well! It's unlined and has a slightly glossy finish. The kimono color picks up the blue in the pattern.

The next day, I bought this crazy, psychedelic haori from another vendor. I saw it Saturday...made a mental note that it was cool in a weird way, then forgot about it until I saw it again the next day. No one had bought it (duh!), so of course I had to buy it! Plus I got a discount since it was late in the day on the last day of the festival. I do have a leaf-green iromuji this would go with but that might be an unseemly combination or even downright wacky with a semi-formal kimono. It's very casual-looking though, so maybe just wearing it with western clothing would be fine. It does seem to have a 70's or 80's vibe to it and looks almost airbrushed! It's missing the himo (little woven ties that close the front) and still has the basting stitches. It's so ugly it's cool!

Have a fabulous weekend and look for photos of my in the new hitoe komon at a kimono-wearing event soon!


  1. Hi!

    I was trying to find information about how to wear a kimono and what all I'll need and I found your blog. Thank you so much, your blog has helped a lot!

    I went to the Japan and thought that hey, I'll just buy couple of second hand kimonos and obis and that'll do.. What a dumbass gaijin. :D Luckily I bought also hadajuban and stuff, but I had no idea koshi himos or how to keep that kimono in shape.

    So I wanted to thank you for your blog and all the information. :)

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thanks so much for your kind words. If you ever need specifics on any kitsuke, just send me an e-mail. I'll be glad to help. Also check out a really great resource: "Immortal Geisha"; there should be a link over on the right side somewhere.