August 5, 2012

Museum show in Santa Fe, recent purchases

Howdy all!
I've been out of town a couple of times since July 4th. Last week I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico for eight days. Santa Fe is one of my favorite places to visit, mainly because of the art galleries and museums! I was there for a week-long art workshop but had a chance to go to some wonderful museums, including the International Folk Art Museum to see this particular show: The Art of Gaman: Arts and Crafts from the Japanese American Internment Camps, 1942-1946. The show features art and craft items made by Japanese Americans at the internment camps. Some of the items displayed were drawings and watercolors, but many were more utilitarian. Each object had a special artistry due to the materials they used and the circumstances under which the items were made. I was allowed to take photos without a flash, so please excuse the quality of some of the images. Go see the show if you are in the area, it closes October 7th.
A "Flag" made from origami cranes adorns the entrance to the show.
Dolls made from wood, thread, paper, and scraps of kimono fabric.

A child's gi featuring sashiko stitching.
Embroidery by Ochiyo Omori, taught by Mr. Nagahama, who was a 75-year old master of the craft when he was interned at Heart Mountain. He had hundreds of students.
Recent purchases.
I'm not buying anything right now...I have tons of stuff and need to concentrate on art supplies for some new projects and wear what I already have!  I did manage to purchase my first obidome though. I was smitten by the imagery of the dove and moon, since I am surrounded by doves where I live and I seem to have an affinity for them.

The drawback: it's only 1-3/4" long and 3/4" wide; the loops on the back only 3/8" of an inch wide. It's a girl's obidome, which probably explains the small size. Proportionally, it's probably too small for me to wear and I certainly do not own any obijime they are narrow enough to fit. Any ideas on how to make use of this lovely piece? I seriously love it, so it's staying in my collection for now!

Next item: I received this super-cute teal and white striped obiage with camellias on it! I'll have to figure out when to wear kimono wearing events in Phoenix are not until early October but maybe I can create my own meet-up before then- a sushi party in a cool, air-conditioned restaurant! Still, this time of year, the very idea of dressing up in a kimono, even for an indoor event, sounds stifling and sweaty.

That's all for this week! 

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  1. I've been told that such obidome have small loops because they aren't intended to be worn with normal width obijime but with thinner ones called sanbuhimo - 三分 紐 . Apparently, if you follow the "strict" style of kimono-wearing, it's not proper to wear them or something lol.