April 27, 2012

Fun Friday: Kurotomosode

Just a quick post today...I'm on the downhill slope of recovering from a bad cold this week and had to do some work today; so this is kind of a boring photo!
Here is a scan of a photo taken of me in April 2010 (?) when I took a Kimono Kitsuke workshop in Phoenix. This photo was taken at the Japanese Garden by a professional photographer, sorry that there is not a better one. I didn't dress myself; we were all told to "bring your best kimono" and be ready for a photo shoot in the garden- four ladies dressed everyone in the class. This is the only time I have worn my kurotomosode. (For those who are new to kimono lingo, kurotomosode is the most formal kimono a married woman can wear- like formal gown worn to a black tie affair; it's always black with the pattern near the bottom half of the dress). The design features cattleya orchids and chrysanthemums and has a padded hem. The fukuro obi is gold and silver on white and features hanabishi or diamond-shaped stylized floral motifs. I'm also wearing the requisite formal metallic zori (silver), creamy rinzu obiage and cream obijime, and white juban. One of these days I will post a nice clear photo of the kimono and the obi- the design is really gorgeous.
Have a great weekend!

PS: Somehow, I managed to look strangely older in this photo....must be that "mother of the bride" kimono! :P


  1. There are pretty much two main types of kimono I don't own...kurotomesode and iromuji lol. I still haven't been able to find the perfect kuro for me! Not enough pattern for my tastes I think lol. ;P

  2. I agree! I bought this years ago before I knew about how formal it is...but the pattern is gorgeous. I can see myself wearing this maybe once or twice more in my life!