October 10, 2011

Yamato concert at Centennial Hall

 First kimono event of the fall season: Yamato concert of the University of Arizona campus. I got to wear two recent purchases- a vintage tsuzumi Nagoya obi with the turquoise chirimen obiage. It was a gorgeous day, really perfect kimono weather.

The tsuzumi (small hand drum similar to an okedo) obi is very soft silk, almost floppy, so it's doesn't make the best-looking obi musubi. However, the design and colors are really wonderful and look very elegant with the solid navy kimono; the perfect obi for a taiko concert. I also wore my first date eri! I found a tutorial online and managed to make it look pretty decent! And it stayed in place even though I'm not wearing a korin belt. It was not that difficult to attach; I will definitely try this accessory again soon!  I found a few on eBay recently for a song.
Enjoy, more photos soon: Otsukimi next weekend!

PS: I'm also "debuting" the blue mihon (Sample pattern) juban. The sodetake was a little short for the iromuji, but I wore it anyway....I was itching to wear the new juban! It's so fabulous.

The rest of the ensemble:


  1. This is going to sound super duper creepy XD But I saw you last night at Yamato. My friend pointed out someone in kitsuke, and I had said "I wonder if it's the IG-er from Tucson". Surprise :P

    I also see that you're going to Otsukimi next weekend. I plan on going myself. So if someone you've never seen before comes running up to you to say hi, it's probably me :3

  2. Woohoo! Not creepy at all....serendipity rules my life! I will be at Otsukimi....It will be nice to meet! Do you ever dress in kimono?
    See you there!

  3. Yup, I've been practicing to get better at it. I've got the yukata thing down- now I need to get better at kimono and tieing obi that are not hanhaba in style. I plan on dressing up for Otsukimi, as will my buddy :) So hopefully we'll run into you at some point.

    Just as a curious note- how early should one arrive for Otsukimi? The website says that tickets are limited- so I'm not sure how early to arrive. Esp considering their tiny parking lot :S

  4. I usually get there earlier...I'm going with some folks in Fushicho Daiko (Phoenix taiko group) so I will be able to get inside earlier. (Excuse me, I'm with the band...) But I think if you arrive around 4:30, it's fine. There is free street parking around the garden, but you are correct, the parking lot is tiny! You should dress up with us for the All Soul's Procession! More on that soon.

  5. Sounds like fun :3 What does it entail, exactly?

  6. Read about All Soul's here: http://www.allsoulsprocession.org/
    Friends of Odaiko Sonora (Tucson taiko group I'm in) hold free Japanese Bon-odori dance classes (See schedule: http://tucsontaiko.org/news.aspa)
    where you find out how we all dress up in "Japanese inspired" costumes (I always wear kimono and help with costumes) and process behind the urn card at the front of the procession. It's a giant (about 30,000 people last year) ritual that ends in fire- spectacular and emotionally moving. E-mail me and I can explain further! colorguru@gmail.com.