June 10, 2011

May 14th Phoenix Japanese Garden

I was at a special taiko event at Ro Ho En, a.k.a the Phoenix Japanese Garden. It was their last event before they close for the summer. It was still really warm when I arrived, about 96 degrees at 5:30pm. So it was definitely a yukata day, and a gorgeous one at that, the garden looked amazing. Once the sun started to go down, it became cooler and quite refreshing. I had wished I had brought a bangasa (Paper parasol) as well since the sun was so hot.
Here I am wearing my tried-and-true turquoise spider mum yukata with my new and very festive tachibana/ume hanhaba obi. I have paired it with a turquoise obijime, a hot pink polka-dotted han eri, yellow geta, and a matching fan. I love the new obi, it's very fun and girly compared with my (mostly) plain hanhaba obi and it looks like late spring/early summer with the bright colors. This outfit seems to fit southern Arizona: the harsh sun can handle these bright colors....subdued tints are often washed out and look drab and uninteresting under the desert sun.

Here are a few other images from that evening. There are actually a ton more, mainly of the taiko performance, so I may put those in another post. I borrowed a friend's really nice camera to take all of these; the photos of me were taken by an obliging stranger.



  1. That's a really striking blue. It looks so refreshing (^-^)

  2. Thank you so much SilberRegan! The blue does look very refreshing...much needed on a hot day.
    I guess that's why I love this yukata so much! It always looks cool not matter what the weather is.