December 2, 2010

Not so very basic black

I won this nagoya obi on eBay recently. I haven't received it yet, but I wanted to share. I'm very excited because it has a black background but the design is very vibrant. Plus it's not terribly formal with lots of the shiny embroidery. It's yuzen-dyed and features a bunch of different motifs. From the photos I can see bamboo, chrysanthemum, waves, tortoiseshell, and either plum or cherry blossom. Since it has so many different patterns, it's will be considered season-less, so I could wear it year-round.

That's perfect for Arizona, where in late February it is usually 80-85degrees (F) in Phoenix for Matsuri but once it was about 56 degrees (This year!) and raining. But generally spring comes very early and summer is when you either do not wear kimono at all (or even yukata) or you go somewhere that you can wear a kimono or yukata in the appropriate seasonal pattern, like California or Seattle. Even today in Tucson, it was a gorgeous day at right around 72 degrees, but at night it's cold: down to around 37F. So this time of year is a great time to wear kimono.

I think this obi will go with just about anything except the navy iromuji and the music komon, and my kurotomosode. Black on black or black on dark blue just doesn't have enough contrast. But paired with the red and white yabane & the green iromuji, this will be stunning. It may go with the atomic potsherd wool komon as well, but I'll have to see how it looks when it arrives. As far as pairing an obijime with this, maybe a turquoise blue, lavender, or light yellow. The obiage will depend on which kimono I wear it with.

When it arrives, I will share the particulars of this piece!

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